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If you are not already a member of IMCoS then we are delighted that you have surfed into our area. Please continue to read about the International Map Collectors’ Society, a group catering to anybody with an interest in maps and charts, and take time to explore the site and find out about our activities. Although IMCoS originates from the

United Kingdom (it was founded in 1980 in London) we have National Representatives in a great number of countries and and are far from limiting ourselves to English-speaking countries.

Our IMCoS Journal is published four times a year under the Editorship of Ljiljana Ortolja-Baird. The Journal is one of the benefits you would enjoy should you decide to become a Member of IMCoS. Rather than trying to lure you into subscribing, I would much prefer, if you would delve into our website a little further, to see for yourself whether you might feel at home in our Society. Perhaps I can draw your attention to the Events pages, where you will find a list of our up-and-coming events. Miscellany keeps you up to date with what has been happening in other areas.


Apart from publishing the Journal, we have our International Symposium each year in a different country. We are very proud to announce that the 2014 International Symposium was held in Seoul, South Korea in October this year. Photos and reports will be added to the website shortly. 

We are excited that planning for the next symposium is well under way. For October 2015 we will be in Cape Town, South Africa. The date has now been fixed and we are pleased to announce that the symposia will take place from 19th to 21st (registration on the 18th). We will keep you up to date with further details of this Symposia as we receive them. These Symposia allow you to broaden your interest beyond local maps and providing an opportunity for meeting with fellow map lovers. It also makes for an interesting vacation trip in connection with the Symposia, if you so desire. Wives and husbands normally come along together and have always enjoyed both the presentations and the trips and local visits.

Please note: the website is now up and running at

A view of Perth - venue of a Map Weekend in 2015. Picture courtesy of VisitScotland/Scottish Viewpoint

(all rights reserved - no reproduction permitted)

Our first events in 2015 will be the Collectors's Evening in London in January and an exciting excursion to Perth, Scotland in April - see Events 2015 for more details.

A number of our IMCoS representatives arrange for visits in their area; London is the place to be in June each year, when our June Weekend is held, featuring the Annual General Meeting, the Annual Dinner, and the Malcolm Young Lectures. The weekend is planned to coincide with the London Map Fair and the Book Fair at Olympia in Hammersmith, London.

You will find more information on this website on most of the topics mentioned above. A small part of the available information is reserved for “Members Only” and can only be accessed by existing members, using their password.

Our Membership comprises academics, map dealers, institutions such as libraries and museums, and - for the most part - of cartophiles, suffering from a potentially contagious disease, called love of maps. Whether your love is for small maps, big maps, local maps, international maps, cheap or expensive, is not the point. The point is that if you would like to talk, learn and share knowledge about maps, you are well advised to look up the page on the website that enables you to become an IMCoS Member.

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Hans Kok, IMCoS Chairman.